Become Brazilian in 1 hour

Some guy thinks he needs 3 months to do this. I just did it in less than an hour!

I stepped out from the Sao Paulo airport this morning and hopped onto a taxi. I greeted the taxi driver with “tudo bem”. He greeted me back with “tudo bem”. Then he continued speaking to me in some Portuguese that I did not understand.

Yes. I was mistaken as a local! It must be my pure Brazilian accent of “tudo bem” that fooled him! Otherwise, why would he spoke Portuguese to a totally tourist-looking dude who just stepped out from the airport?

Mission complete. 1 out of 1 Brazilian mistook me as “one of them”. 100% success rate!

Your next task is to master Brazilian hand gestures.

Is it worth to bring up this kind of post again and again?


But someone might say something clever this time…

Nah. Same old comments.


I agree with hrhenry. While funny the first few times, these types of posts are getting quite dull. There are more interesting things we can talk about.