Be Independent!

I decided to be an independent language learner so I join LingQ

You’ve come to the right place!

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Welcome here. I really think lingq is a good place to learn languages.

Ich wuensche Ihnen viel Erfolg

Welcome Yasser2050 !! And let us know if you have any questions.

Vielen Dank

Thank You

‘Be an independent language learner’ is good. You can be free in searching new materials, in finding your time for learning etc.
But ‘to be indepenjdent’ is also to be responsible for himself and for his study, to be able to learn almosrt every day in spite of bad mood and laziness.
Unfortunatelly, a lot of people fail this test for their independence.

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You are right

So Someone who want to continue should do what he or she like to do to put the time ( secret 2 )

I enjoy independent learning as well. However, sometimes I need guidance in learning. “Am I doing this right?” “I’m working hard, but how do I know if I’m working CORRECTLY?” “What do I need to improve on?”

That’s why I’m glad this forum is here; we can share ideas. However, I do think this site needs to provide more guidance and structure like other language learning resources, because coming here as a beginner can be very daunting.

If I learned anything about this site, is it’s helping my organization skills in a sense, so I’m getting language learning AND good study habits in!

You will know your are working correctly by comparing your understanding of the language since one month or two month for example

And what you need to improve depend on what it is your problem with the language
If your problem is speaking you should improve listening
If your problem is writing you should improve reading