Batch Audio Downloading

Hi, can I download using a Mac a group of audiofiles for a given course, and perhaps the entire course audio. Otherwise, if not, does anyone have ideas on the most efficient way to download multiple audios for a given course. Thanks.

@CTaylor - There is a quicker way to batch download audio files. Simply open up a course, click on the dropdown next to “Take All” at the top, then click on “Subscribe RSS”. You can add this URL into iTunes (File → Subscribe to Podcast) to download audio files for the full course.

@u50623: Unfortunately that way lessons are not counted as “taken”.

@u50623: For me as a provider of self produced lessons it doesn’t matter if they take the audio only or text and audio. For LingQ it counts differently, for me not.

Vera, I hav ‘taken’ very many of your lessons, as you know. The reason I want to have them on iTunes is certainly not to avoid having to ‘take’ them. I simply want to listen easily when for any reason I am not able to use the internet. I doubt your statistics would change very much at all if we were able to lownload a course in bulk.

However, I do respect your right not to make your sound files available in this way.

I have said before, and I want to say it again, that your lessons are some of the best in LingQ. They are consistently of high quality, both of content and sound. The lessons in each course are also conveniently numbered, their titles are clear, and they are batched into albums that can go straight into iTunes or any other player system. This means that we can listen to a whole course without having to edit the info for each lesson.


Thanks u50623.

These are two functions I would love to see added to LingQ. Particularly the automatic ID3-tagging.

I have added the text as lyrics myself and find it really useful on my iPod.

By the way, does anyone know how to make this text visible on an iPad?