Basic vocabulary

Hi my friends,
Well this week I was looking for a school that would provide language conversation classes for people who already speak English but do not have the opportunity to practice the language frequently.
I found a very good school and well known, did a test with two teachers at the school and here’s the surprise.
When I entered the room and sat down one of the teachers began to interview me with some basic questions about where I lived and what is my job and I took the opportunity to tell them as a person with attitude can to learn a new language and we were exchanging ideas about the reality of schools and their goals with promises of fluency in a short space of time.
Suddenly the teacher started to say “Lucas, here at school most people are like you, understand well, has a good vocabulary, but I know the weak point of all of you” so I immediately asked that he continue …
The teacher asked me to do some things that were in the first 3 pages of a basic book.
Describe a person.
Describe my house, the room where we were.
And say some objects in my house, kitchen, bathroom.
And also some things that I like to eat.
And what did I do? “Sorry, I CAN NOT”

And the teacher asked, how can anyone speak well, have good fluency but be unable to say how it got here today or describe your own home?
Yes, I was approved for the conversation group, but what I was recommended plugging those holes with some extra lessons. Just let us begin classes next month and I do not wait until then to learn that.
Hopefully I come here asking for some indication of the lessos to help me where can I find this kind of thing ?

How important is it to you to describe your house, room, kitchen etc.? I think that this vocabulary is not very important and is easily learned when needed, otherwise you point. Your written English is excellent.