Basic Account

Steve, I create a account into PayPal, with a Mastercard credit card to pay the account on lingq, but the paypal says to me today in a email, that the payment couldn’t complete after several fails, because it don’t was approved.

I don’t know what happens, because all information is valid and ok.

What I would should do ?

Are you not able to pay directly through the Account page? It might be an issue with your credit card, so you may want to contact your credit card company for further information.

Yes, I spoke with them and it’s because my credit card isn’t international. Then I make a solicitation to change mine to one that is international.

When I receive the new one, I will update the paypal account information to the new credit card and confirm again the payment.
The lingq can wait for this change ?

Will be 11 days until the new credit card come here with the mail service.

@setyrop - LingQ is not going anywhere…! :slight_smile: You should also be able to use your bank account as a funding source for your paypal account and then use your paypal account to pay.

The paypal, said to me they can’t use my bank account to pay the service, that need to be a international credit card.

I just asked if lingq will wait, because I thought that my account here, would be canceled because of the delay on the payment. \o/

When the new credit card get here, I’ll change it in my paypal account and confirm the payment again.

Thanks for the explanation and help :slight_smile: