Bad Service!

Everytime you’re busy with a course, the website will go off the air. Bad gateway 500 or whatever. Really, this is the battest languagecourse there is in this whole planet.

Why is there no fixed update time, like 3 o’clock in the morning, when everyone is asleep. Then customers know when they can’t use the courses.

If this happens one more time, I want my money back!!!

I’ve experienced nothing of the sort. They sometimes go off to fix a bug, but it never takes long and it doesn’t happen very often at all. I prefer that they fix things as they become aware of them instead of waiting for a fixed time.

BTW, it isn’t 3 am everywhere in the world at once…

@RalfJen_Ai - Sorry for the trouble. As kcb hints at, we do have users all over the world. We do our best to regularly update the site with bug fixes and new functionality. The site does go down temporarily, but the updates rarely take longer than 5-10 minutes.

I’ve yet to see the site down. They offer the service they promise.

If it’s a consistent issue that occurs for long periods of time then it may be something from either the network or computer (such as the browser) your using. If it keeps happening it might be something to look into.

Honestly I’ve experienced this sometimes but it did not take long. If LingQ were as rich as Google, probably it can have different servers around the world and redirect services to different servers for almost seamless system update/upgrade. If so, probably we have to pay much more to have this service :slight_smile:

For a more constructive suggestion, probably LingQ can have a simple on-line notification, say 1 hours before shutdown, somewhere on the page showing something like:
“The system will be shut down for around 15 min starting from 11:00 UTC for system update/upgrade. Sorry for any inconvenience.”
or a simple countdown timer might also work.

In this way, I believe the misunderstanding will be greatly reduced. :slight_smile:

I second the idea of a warning in the system for down time, I’ve already hit a couple of maintenance shutdown mid-lesson :frowning: