Bad day!

Hi guys,
Today I am very upset.
You work hard to buy a car or a mobile phone, does the bank loan, and pays the car or phone every month.
You decide to go to the supermarket and stop the car on the street, going to the super market, spends five minutes and when you returns, where’s your car?
Today I realized that really is not worth living in a big country like Brazil, that country is very big that the authorities can not take care of anything.
Not to mention the risk of life, and if I were in the car when the thieves stole it?

The worst thing is that this happens every day to thousands of people in this country, and the authorities do nothing. Right now they are only thinking about the election, and I will have to continue paying the car without having it.

I wonder if the country where you live it also happens, and you feel safe walking on the streets, you can buy mobile phones, cars with the certainty that no one will steal it from you?

Really sorry to hear it. Unfortunately we have car theft in Vancouver as well, although it has never happened to me.

I know that it must feel as if your person and privacy has been invaded.

Well on the positive side, you have a lot more going for you , job, language interests, and lots more, than the jerk who stole your car.


No insurance?

I live in one of my country’s least safe cities. Mostly the crime is segregated to a few areas that are easy enough to avoid.
the neighborhoods where people have removed all the street signs so that the police cannot respond to 911 calls.

I would not walk anywhere in the City of St Louis alone at night though. I had my iphone stolen in east st louis =[ I have gone since May without my trusty smartphone. I get an upgrade in October though, which is the only time I’ll be able to get a phone.

So I semi-understand your pain

I’ve had my car stolen and house broken into on several occasions in the Uk. I’ve also been the victim of two attempted muggings. It’s pretty much the norm in major cities there. It’s one of the reasons I moved to Prague to raise my family away from crime.