Babylon translation from English - Arabic

I use Babylon software on my laptop and it supports English - Arabic Translation, but her on Lingq it doesn’t.
I tried to change my lingq interface language to Arabic to see if that will make the Babylon able to support English - Arabic Translation, Unfortunately nothing changed!?
So what should I do?

Your Babylon software won’t work on the lesson page but if you click the Check Dictionary button in the blue popup, you should see the Babylon definition as an option. If you want to use your own Babylon software, you should be able to do so in the Quick LingQ view of the lesson.

I’m using the Babylon dictionary when I press on the blue words, but it doesn’t support English - Arabic translation, it supports English - English just. I don’t know how can to make translate from English to Arabic. I’m talking about the dictionary that appear when I press on the blue popup.

Babylon is actually based on your Dictionary language that is selected on the Settings page. Your Interface and Dictionary languages are actually controlled separately, but if you select Arabic as your Dictionary Language you should be able to click on Babylon on the LingQ widget (i.e. after clicking "Search Dictionary on the blue popup) and see the Arabic translation provided by Babylon.

Thank you, English - Arabic translation is working now.
I had not seen the dictionary language setting.