Awesome job!

Hey Everybody

I must admit I have been away from LingQ for a few months. I have been working really hard working out and getting myself physically fit to perform in my sports of choice, cheer and marathon. Everything I have been doing has been put on hold (design, language learning, and in some cases, work) as I was working out for about 3 hours everyday. Well, now things are starting to settle down and I finally made it back to LingQ.

I am happy to see all the improvements to LingQ as I have been away. This system just keeps on getting better every day! I am really impressed with all the small improvements here and that that makes LingQ so much easier to use.

Well time for me to continue French and start up Spanish (a lot of my future teammates are hispanic, so I am really looking forward to talking to them in their language). Thanks for making it just a little bit easier for all of us!