Aw, Snap! message

Many times when I try to lingq a phrase containing 3 or 4 words the page freezes up. (doesn’t happen saving single words). I get a message saying the page(s) has become unresponsive, you can kill them or wait. I kill them and a new page comes up saying, Aw, Snap!, something went wrong when displaying this page and then I reload the page and start over. I’m using the latest version of Chrome.

Hmm, has this been happening for a while or just recently? Also, if it happens again would you be able to try saving the same phrase and see if it works the second time around?

This has been happening for at least a couple of weeks. Yes, sometimes I’ll go back and try to save the same phrase again and on the second or third try it will work but not always.

Ok, interesting. So it seems it’s not then related to the exact phrase that you’re saving. I haven’t heard of this issue recently, and haven’t noticed this myself when using Chrome, so I’d be curious to know if anyone else has been having the same problem.

One possible way of tracking this down would be to keep the JavaScript Console open then try saving a few phrases to try and reproduce the issue. If any errors then display in the console, you can take a picture of these. You can access the JavaScript console by going to Tools > JavaScript Console or pressing Control+Shift+J on a PC or Command+Option+J on a Mac.

ok, I tried this and got the page to freeze but the console didn’t show any errors. The second time I got the page to freeze, the console stayed blank and the only way I could exit was by restarting the computer. As the computer was shutting down I saw the Aw shucks page flash by quickly. The lesson I did this with was the Spanish lesson, Let’s talk about travel 07. I would highlight the first three words in the lesson, ¿Alquilamos un coche? and the page would freeze.

Thank you for the additional information. Is this happening when you select everything from the “¿” to the “?” or also when you select everything from the “A” to the “?”?

I’ve tried this multiple times but don’t seem to be able to get the page to crash. I wonder if you could try this as well in Incognito Mode in Chrome just to make sure any installed extensions aren’t causing issues here.

EDIT: plugins > extensions

I turned off the two extensions AVG do not block, and AVG safe scan that were running, plus I have been clearing history every 15 minutes or so and things seem to working better although I can still get a freeze now and then. Also when the freeze happens I sometimes get a pop up from AVG regarding high memory usage. I have extensions on incognito right now and it did freeze one time.
I now think this is probably an issue with my computer and not the website but I thought I would mention it just in case anyone else was having this problem.

Ah, that sounds like a reasonable explanation. I wonder if you tried disabling AVG for about 15 minutes or so while creating LingQs on the site (our site is safe, don’t worry!) to see if you can get it to crash. Anti-virus software typically takes up a good amount of resources, and can also cause problems by blocking certain processes in browsers that you may not want blocked.