Avatars get depressed as they age

So, after having a look at this chart:Avatar Help

You can clearly see a super happy avatar baby, and as the poor sucker grows he (or she) gets progressively less happy. Why is this? Surely it can’t be because they find language learning fulfilling. In spite of become proficient in the language they represent and acquiring trophies and achievements for their activity, they still become less happy as they age.

I don’t know why this happens, but I have a pretty good theory: because all of the hard work and effort they put in, and all of the achievements they have earned can’t change the fact that they are still PINK!!!

Some have the miraculous ability to instantly change from one set of clothing to a backup set without revealing the slightest bit of their pinkish flesh. However, the fact that they can’t ever actually remove their clothes must take its toll on the little guys.

Interesting theory… :wink:

At least one of my avatars has no pants on… :expressionless:

It’s the recession got them down =[