Avatar questions

First of all, I’m not sure if I’m in the right section with my questions. If not, I’m truly sorry and I hope I won’t offend anyone :-). Now, about my questions…

Today, I hit more than 650 words that is supposed to be the threshold to next avatar level, is it not? However, my Avatar did not grow at all… I was really looking forward to it so now, I’m kind of bummed out. What else do I need to do? Or is it some kind of a bug?

My next question is how do I take off a hat off my avatar? I chose a hat for him, however I want to take it off and it seems that I cannot (or I’m blind and cannot see the choice “take it down”, probably with a big font, screaming at me “I’m here, dumbo!”).

Can anyone help me please?
(by the way, English is not my native language, I do apologize for any mistakes I might have made)

Edit: Ok, it just took a while but my avatar has grown just now… :slight_smile: What about the second question please? How can I take down its hat? :slight_smile:

The Avatar should grow when you visit the Learn page, it appears you’ve already figured out :slight_smile:

At the moment Avatar clothing can’t be taken off, but you can switch outfits if additional outfits are available. We do have some future enhancements planned for the Avatar, so stay tuned!