Avatar needs dentist

my avator appears to be missing a tooth. can i use my avatar credits to send him to a dentist?

ondrej: :))) your avatar is still a baby, he will have teeth when he grows up :slight_smile: …you have to lingq more words :)))

I wouldn’t mind spending some credits to buy some hair gel for my avatar. He’s had the same hair style since he was a kid.

Dentists are quite expensive these days…it may cost a couple of hundred credits to get that tooth fixed.

The dental health of this cute pink manifestation of my linguistic proficiency is too important to ignore, but a couple of hundred credits?! My god…I’d better hop to it and get lingqing…okay can’t talk any more guys, got to lingq…

I hear it’ll grow once your Known Words increases past the next target… Avatar Help

No he got it knocked out, I saw it with my own eyes. The trouble is that i’ve been unable to identify the assailant. He was quite short, had somewhat of a pink complexion and a spiky hairdo…

Do you have any more information? I may be able to find him, but there are thousands that match your description…

he was holding a pretzel.

In his left or right hand? From who’s perspective? I think I may have found him…

i think it was his right hand but he sort of swapped hands to punch my little guy and then ran off. this is so awful. i may have to instigate proceedings.

Does LingQ have some kind of facial composition software, some kind of identikit that ondrej could use?

That’s also available in the Avatar store, but it’s a little expensive – 500 credits. It’ll only appear once you’ve completed your forensics degree, unfortunately. Needless to say, we shot ourselves in the foot with that one, since not even admins can bypass the requirement.

Where can I learn forensics then?
I’ve watched quite a lot of Dexter … is that enough?

Dexter is a great show (it starts up again in just 1 month!), but I hear you need to have a certificate from an accredited institution. I hear the LingQ Academy is a great place, I just don’t know how to get there…

lingq academy?! shameless self-promotion! the pieces are coming together: the culprit is none other than alex himself!!! this is a scandal. this goes all the way to the top.

Perhaps someone needs to get to the root of the problem?

I thought I had hid that pretzel… we need a sell function. This goes way beyond me, though. It’s a scandal of global proportions. I can’t say any more…

shocked silence