Avatar lost an item

Interesting. I got this message this morning when I entered LingQ. And sure enough…His pizza is gone! Since there is a programmed message for this I suppose this is a foreseen event. What did I do to cause it to happen?

I got the same message for my Latin avatar, too. :frowning: Glad to hear I’m not alone!

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Funny how those little creatures grow on you.

Surely your Avatar got very hungry and therefore ate up the whole pizza (they are all looking rather famished, so watch out for all eatable things)

It makes sense that the edible items should be consumed in a certain period, then you have to buy another.

Sorry about that. We’re looking into this to see what happened.

He ate the pizza…of course! Sometimes we miss the obvious.

I wonder what mikebond’s ate.

@Jingle: My Latin avatar is too small to eat solid things… moreover, it lost a calculator (I doubt even a grown-up avatar may have eaten one!).

Do they puree calculators?

Anyway, I wonder if that horrible worm in my activity apple is involved. Maybe he fell in the pizza and my avatar threw the pizza away!

OK guys, good news and bad news.

The good news is that this issue is fixed. The bad news is that the fix is actually what removed your items. For some reason, the calculation for Avatar Credits wasn’t working properly and people were given more credits than they had actually earned.

You can check how many credits you should have by using the following:
The first credit is earned at 5 LingQs, the 2nd credit at 100 LingQs and each additional credit every 350 LingQs. This means you should have 3 credits when you have 455 LingQs, 4 when you have 805, etc.

If you notice any inconsistencies, please let us know.

Thanks, Alex.

May I have my credits reinstated into the Avatar store?

I have created 1473 LingQs since I joined a month ago.

All of my Avatar’s clothing has disappeared except his shield.

First 5 LingQs; I bought a hat

Next 100 LingQs; I bought Boots

Next 350: I bought pants
Next 350: I bought a shirt.
Next 350: I bought a shield

The hat, boots, pants and shirt have all disappeared.


@Alex: It looks like the speaking and writing awards have disappeared.

@sharonkennett - The Avatar Credits were replaced with Avatar Coins, so you can go back into the Avatar Store (click the Avatar) to repurchase your items. You can find out more about the new Avatar here: http://lingqcentral-en.lingq.com/major-updates-site-redesign

@solanderdog - You’re right, I’ve now added this to our list!