Avatar background items

So, I currently have an Abacus, if I buy a calculator, does that replace my abacus or sit next to it? I am curious, because I think the abacus is pretty darn cool, but the item at the end of the chain is the Colosseum, which would rule to have in the background. But I don’t want to lose my abacus either, I am rather fond of it.

yeah , you lose your BG items as you upgrade. So once you reach the colosseum … there’s no way to go back to Abacus. It doesnt work like the Handheld items where you can chose and pick the ones you want to display… =)

Sorry odeirnod, you have to let your abacus go. There isn’t room there to display everything you get unfortunately.

I just found that out. I bought the scroll and then to my dismay it didn’t show up in the background. Had I known that I would have bought the bullet and started my journey toward the Colosseum. Which brings me to the next question, can I sell the scroll back and buy the calculator instead? :slight_smile:

Nevermind, scroll just showed up, the delay was a bit odd, but oh well.

I found the same yesterday myself. We are looking into it.

The worst is wondering what to do after you’ve upgraded everything. I have 17 unused avatar credits and nothing to spend them on!

Sorry Z33Dubyah, we know we need to get more stuff to buy. It’s on our list! Those credits will come in handy eventually I promise.

I could buy four “Coming Soon” landmarks for my Polish avatar, but they look so ugly! :frowning: