Available Times Not Displaying After Update

I received a complaint that my tutor times for the afternoon (US Central time) are not listed. I checked with an alternate account, and it seems that the only conversations listed are the ones that have already been signed up for.

I went to my calendar and re-updated all of my times, but nothing changed. It seems that students are unable to sign up with me. Is this a current problem you are aware of? It doesn’t seem to affect other tutors - I can see their available times.

Any ideas? This is a bit of a problem!

It looks like the problem is fixed. Thanks!

Actually, we have had to revert to the earlier version of Speak where all tutors were in the same list. Unfortunately, any tutors who only have 1 on 1 times or don’t have any confirmed 1 on 1 times do not show in the list. If you have a group conversation on a given day, your 1 on 1 times will also appear. We are working on this issue and hope to resolve it today.

Sorry. That was me in a test account.

I see that Mark has taken to appearing on the forum incognito because of threats made against him by some frustrated users. I will not name names yet but if this aggressive behaviour continues…

Oh, he resurfaced, but in he persona of his dog Gordie. Gordie will not scare anyone Mark.

It’s good to see some humour here! It’s quite refreshing… I agree Steve that Gordie will not scare anyone but what to say about Billyjoe :wink: