Available courses: Hint on self directed courses is missing and confusing new members

When you go from the welcome site to the courses I miss the hint to the “self directed courses”. There only appears “There are no courses currently available for this language. Please check back again soon as new courses are added all the time.” I think this confuses new users. Self-directed courses should there be explaines.
A new user have no points. Now a new user comes to a site where there is nothing or only courses that cost points that he didn’t has. He will leave LingQ in frustration, I think.

A new user doesn’t have a self directed course and must choose it on this page before he can start. You will see this if you go to another language you have never studied. Once he has chosen his course he should understand how the page works. We will see if there is something else we can do with the link on the Welcome page, though, since it can be a little confusing.

I think about the following situation. I’m a new user. On the welcome site step 3 is “Choose a course: Create your own course or buy a course offered by a tutor.”. Then I click on Choose a course". And now I get the message that I wrote above. Now, if I where a new user, I think I maybe have now idea what I should do now and how I have to create my self-directed course.

As I said above, if you were a new user, you would see the Self-Directed course as an option which you could select on the Courses page. It’s only after you have created the Self Directed course that you get the message you mention. It is not visible for you because you already have it open. Go to a language you have never tried and you will see how it works.

Hi Mark, I tried it out with Italian and I only see the message I wrote above. I see no option to choose Self-Directed course.

Thanks for your input Vera. I am now back home and will be using the site in different ways. We definitely need your kind of input in order to make everything simpler for newcomers.
One of the problems we have is that we are all used to the system. If our members can show the site to newcomers and then watch what they do without telling them what to do, this can be very helpful.

Welcome back, Steve. I hope, you enjoy your trip to Europe.
At my job I often have to test software and to make sure that everyone understand how a software works. And my partner is a beginner at LingQ and I often ask him if LingQ is understandable.

Thanks Vera,

You were very helpful. Annick’s podcast has already been posted. I think Andrea’s will come later. I hope we have all our issues settled by then.

I had a great time in Germany and will l write more about it. I will book a discussion with you and we can talk about it.