Autopause and Advance in Sentence Mode?

Is there some browser extension or LingQ feature that allows me to automatically pause the audio of a sentence after it is played for a specified length of time. I want to automatically pause the audio, mentally repeat the sentence, and physically repeat the sentence to hammer in pronuciation. So maybe I could set an extension to play like this ten times and advance to the next sentence. Even having this partially work would be great. Does anybody have suggestions (extensions etc) for this functionality? Thanks.

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Yeah, it’d be a really useful feature for output. The formula for the duration of pauses could be like (timestamp_2 - timestamp_1) * slowing_coefficient so one would have enough time to repeat.

I’m not sure if it’s already implemented somewhere in the Rooster’s extensions [link]
But I guess you could ask him directly to implement this.

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I’ll add this to the free version of Master LINGQ


See here