Automatic screening?

Is there any way to automatically check posts that are:

  • “from” Afghanistan
  • contain a URL w/in brackets <>
  • are the poster’s first post
  • are [usually] in Russian ?

The majority of spam that appears on the forum seems to match these criteria. I hesitated to mention it “publicly,” but as these are getting through, anyway, we won’t be any worse off discussing it. You gents do a good job pulling these w/in 12 hours or so, but perhaps you could shunt them aside to be checked before they are posted.

I hope it won’t cause a problem for people who are genuinely from Afghanistan.

Maybe just having new members first post moderated would stop these spammers from signing up.

@Ernie, JerseyMark,

Thanks for the suggestions. We are looking into how to prevent different forms of abuse on the system including forum spam. We have a number of options we are exploring.

Thanks, Mark. It can be lived with of course, but the spam is annoying.

Apropos new forms, any thoughts about the new domain endings and the problems they could cause (I am asking in a general way, not LingQ specific)?