Automatic hints?

Sometime (rarely), when I create a LingQ, there is already a hint there. I went curious about this. Why does it happen, and in which situations?

If the same Hint has been used by 2 or more people, that Hint will start being automatically added as the Hint. Of course, it can be removed but I find it quite useful and it will become more useful as more and more people use the system.

who can removeā€¦

Think about the following situation:
10 members ore more create exactly the same hint than we have 10 time the same here.

For me it is useful when others found other definitions but not when it is the same.

Irene, I think you misunderstand. If a more than 1 member have used the same Hint, it will start to appear automatically in the Hint field for any future members who LingQ that word. Of course, they can look at all User Hints and choose another if they like or create their own. The Hint that appears automatically will be the most popular or most often used Hint as long as it has been used more than once.

Yes Mark, I misunderstood.
I know that your programmers do a good job, but that is really comfortable!
Thanks for declare.