Auto creating lingqs

I don’t know if that’s just my opinion but i absolutely hate this function, at least the fact that somehow it’s autmatically turned on. I just imported some news article in french and wanted to quickly browse it. The result is i jumped from 30 something vocabulary to over 300.

I don’t know whether i should delete all my french progress or gradually undo my vocabulary but it’s so annoyng. I had this function of turning lingqs to known turned off so i guess something else had to do this but come on.

Such a function should be available only if i intentionaly go and press certain button that i INDEED want to move all lingqs in this article to known, and before doing that i should receive a warning and question wether i really want to do this. It’s such a natural thing to skip over a text before reading it fully, yet you keep it as a default. Seems like a basic UX101.

It’s so easy to just undo someones progress and now i guess it’s my burden to handle that.

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I am sorry that you are frustrated, but that’s how it is at the moment. You can disable “Auto LingQs creation” under Settings > Reader.

I am on board with this. I miss swipe on the app all the time and have to go back and correct it.
I also don’t like that it asks you “do you know these words?” if you change a page with any new words. Just ask me at the end of the lesson. That way I can read ahead, or read while listening if I have audio sync issues.

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Yes i did that but somehow i still got 300 lingqs created. I was very frustrated while writing my first message so apologize for that but still I think this function should be disabled as it’s not intuitive and effects are hard to revert really (if that would be something that could be undone by 1-2 clicks then fine). That’s it. Thank you for your response.

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