Augustinii Confessiones

I just uploaded my first Latin lesson: the first 3 paragraphs of Book I of Augustine’s Confessions read by me in classical accent.

I hope you like it. All feedback is welcome.

Since I’m very interested in reading this text for my academic work and will be studying it here at LingQ, I’ll try to systematically record and upload 3 or 4 paragraphs every few days. The whole Confessions is about 80 thousand words long. At 500 or so words per lesson, that’s 160 in total. So, there’s 159 more to come… hopefully… eventually :wink:

Valete amici,


Magnas gratias tibi ago, amice!

Nescio, quando Augustini opera legam (nec quando ea legere possim), sed ea magni duco.

(It took me at least five minutes to write this not too difficult text… I hope LingQ will help me improve my writing skills!)

Valete omnes LingQatores,


Thank you for importing this text. I like your accent, it sounds very natural. Looking forward to listening to more of this.

Thanks Michele and Alleray.

Books 4 and 5 of Book I are now on the library. I found a text with more “modern” orthography (e.g., ‘v’/‘u’ distinction), I’ll use that one for now on.

Thanks. I think it’s better to make the distinction between “u” and “v”. Maybe you can change the u’s into v’s in the other lessons too, when you have some free time. Or I can do it.

Michele: I just changed the first lesson to the “modernized” text. Fortunately the new text is exactly the same as the old except for the orthography.