Aufrichtige Entschuldigung, sincere apologies to Vera

Your complaint about not being able to add phrases to your LingQs learned totals has been left low on our list of priorities, because we could not replicate it and because no one else complained. We did not know where to start to look for solutions.

Since I have started LingQing many more phrases in Russian recently, I have now been able to replicate the problem,but only in Russian where I now have a lot of saved phrases. With this information, Boris was able to crawl into the code and figure out what was causing the problem.

You should now be credited for your phrase LingQs learned.

I apologize and would send you a gift for your avatar, but I am afraid you would send it back.

Steve, you make me smile :slight_smile:
You figured out that seeing the new avatar made me really angry, because I was waiting such a long time for a solution of this problem. Statistic is not so important for me, but it was part of my motivation. Unfortunately there was one point I couldn’t trust the statistic any longer.
I’m more familiar with numbers than with avatars. I’m a great lover of LingQ. Lately LingQ did some things (in general and personnel) that annoyed me and made me feel foolish for helping you with the website in so many things. For example I usually translated the most important things from the English LingQ blog into German, and posted it on the German LingQ blog and the wiki. I stopped doing this because I was very angry.
I accept your apologize, looking for further solutions of problems on the website, and hope I’ll feel better with LingQ soon.
My opinion is still, that I don’t need an avatar, and I cannot imagine that this attract new learners. On the other hand it is your right to give it a try. If there is an option to choose between the avatar and the badge, I would be happy.
I’ll have a look if the counter works properly now.
Thank you for apologizing.