Audiobooks splitted into many collections

After realising how difficult it can be to look for the different chapters of an audiobook (e.g. Anne of Green Gables in English, Les Misérables in French) when there is one collection for each chapter, I decided to regroup all the lessons of “Cuore” I had shared into one collection, as Steve had asked me.
Maybe the other providers who created one collection for each chapter could do the same or be asked to… Steve, why don’t you write them as you wrote me about “Cuore”?
Also, many of these audiobooks were provided by LingQ_Support. It would be great if you could make one collection instead of several, when you have time to deal with this issue. :slight_smile:

Michele, I agree that even though there are several chapters in an audiobook it is better to have only one collection but the problem arises when there are several providers!
Regarding the audiobook of Anne of Green Gables, the difference with you is that several accounts enter into consideration (LingQSupport, mine, and maybe another one)
I remember having studied Anne of Green Gables. As there were no end of the story, I uploaded some next contents with Librivox as a provider…
Even if I change the name of the provider, from Librivox to, there will still have two collections since the account are differents.
The only thing is that a better research could be made via the providers. It will be better than to keep it the way it is now so I’ll make that change.

By the way, there is not one collection per chapter since LingQ have one collection with several chapters and me one collection with several of the next chapters :slight_smile:

Ok, I made the change in the chapters of my collection. So now, 25 chapters of Anne of Green Gables have TheLinguist as a provider. It should be easy to find them on the library. Is it that clear?? Mmm. Not as clear as I thought it would be.
In the library when I look for contents shared by TheLinguist, in the category Literature, only Anne of Green Gables chapter 8, part 3 shows up. When opening the collection, there are the chapters 1 to 9 still LingQ has the first 17 chapters! In addition, I uploaded from the 18th to the 25th. Impossible to see all of the items after chapter 9… We might find them somewhere but after many research…

Marianne, I know you cannot do anything about Anne of Green Gables because of the different providers. I didn’t mean to write about Anne of G. G. or about you. I have seen other collections splitted into several parts, often corresponding to chapters (or “books” in the case of Les Misérables). There is no provider-related problem in those cases.

I understand Michele. I just thought I could try to make that collection to be better found but…as I understand the fact that items should be better organized :slight_smile:

Just for the sake of English learners on this Forum, the past tense of split is still split.

I have just finished importing the whole “Anne of Green Gables” novel, with a new “dramatic reading”, recently released on “Librivox”.
Now, I am really willing to share this collection, but only as a whole, since I wouldn’t like to create a fourth (or more?) partial collection. Let me know if you are ok with this. Moreover, I haven’t divided longer chapters into several lessons, because I don’t like it, so this collection wouldn’t be a double of the existing ones, both for the length of lessons and for the new audio version.

You’re welcome to share this new collection. I recommend titling the collection “Anne of Green Gables - Dramatic Reading” or something like that, just so that it’s distinguished from the current collections. Thanks for importing it all!

Ok, thanks. I will share it tomorrow.