Audiobooks from Librivox

I agree Vera, that I wouldn’t usually recommend literature study to anyone below intermediate 1.

Some books are easier to read than others, it depends on the style in which they were written. I’m having no trouble with Jules Verne in French (the first French novel I’ve attempted) but I couldn’t cope with Herman Hesse in German. And some classic children’s books are written in really complicated language! Have you ever tried “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” in the original English? :wink:

I don’t have any problem with “old fashioned” language. Right now I’m following Dickens’ “Weinachtslied” which you have shared, and I will probably keep using a blend of news/modern podcasts/dialogues with “heavier” content (such as real literature).

Of course I make sure that the transcript and the audio match*. After all, Librivox has a link to (one of) the Gutenberg project(s) where they got the stories (of which they should have used one as their main source), and I have each version of the story open while I listen to it (once, maybe twice). For the latest story I uploaded, the text matched the audio nearly perfectly and I just had to change a verb or preposition here and there.

  • I trust my ears, instinct and common sense, but if someone encounters anything totally incorrect, please tell me about it. And for what it’s worth, content shared/created by natives isn’t always typo free (either). I save LingQs all the time which I then don’t find in any dictionary.

That’s fine, Jeff. How I said it is a personal decision which content learners like :slight_smile:
And you’re right. Also natives do typos and the spelling is not always clear and easy to do. If you see typos in my content, please let me know.

Hi Helen, Hermann Hesse is difficult for Germans too :wink: I wouldn’t recommend it for learners.

Thanks for all the great content. I look forward to starting German sometime down the road (my next language will be Japanese, then German, or Welsh if it is offered.)

I think a moderate vigilance of transcript errors on the part of content submitters is sufficient. In addition submitters should be willing to correct errors when prompted.

If more than 85% of the text matches the audio, the learners can usually find and suggest error corrections to the text using the “Lesson Forum” link to the right of the opened lesson. Submitters can follow that forum and go in and make changes or give quick explanations regularly. This gives the learners a chance to interact with the content even more, and learn more.

I think that our tastes vary from time to time,and from person to person. Right now I am addicted to my daily download from Echo Moskvi. I enjoyed the literature when I was into it.

Helen, I’ve finally found where you can buy and download The Lord of the Rings in Russian.

It is link to the first book. You can download samples and decide do you like this version or not :slight_smile:

Also there are a lot of others Ardis adiobooks.

P.S. Hmmm, it would better to crosspost this to Russian forum…

Helen, I found the same audio book at too.

Also they have another version:

So, now you has a choice :slight_smile:


I`m learning English now and I would like to read and listen to the Walden book, from Thoreau.

This book changed my life and it is the main reason that I’m learning English :slight_smile: I’ve read a translation to my native language…

So how can I import this content to the Lingq?

Thank you.