Audiobooks and learning

i have been thinking about reading the same audiobook in different languages at the same time. ( since my italian french and spanish are more or less at the same level about B2)… What’s your opinion could it work given the fact that i am into something more familiar each time!!!

Hello Mate, hope you’re doing great.

I think you will have trouble with those languages, Spanish and Italian are very very similar , I don’t think it’s a big deal. If you are doing it just for fun, no problem, but if you want speak those laguages, in my humble opinion, you’ll take as long as you think and there is a big chance you will not master any of them.

Take care.

I’ve done this with Anna Karenina and Crime and Punishment, in various languages. I never really worried about mixing them up, because I did French, Spanish and Italian at very different periods of my life.

But I do find it very helpful to know the story backwards and forwards when listening to a language I don’t know very well (Greek in my case). The Bible is also good for this.

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currently i m studying french and spanish…I dont have any problem with mixing it with italian…just though that if i am reading the same story in different languages it may have some stuff sitck around more easily…just a thought!!! Plus audio books are fun and an excelent mean of exposure!!

i am about to do the same thing …see if it works. First in french and spanish and then in italian and i will give feedback …bonne chance mon ami…καλύ τύχη …

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I read one book in two languages, but not audiobook, just read. Actually my Russian is good and I am learning English. It looks like if I do not understand in English, I understand in Russian. I don’t know its good or not, but I like this method.

This method is actually what our friend t_harangi doing, and as he told me this will increase your vocabulary so fast.