Audio uploading issues

I just shared a new lesson (Login - LingQ) and noticed a couple of problems:

  1. the audio player embedded in the Import page didn’t work, even if it did work until yesterday. This happens both with Chrome 16 and with Firefox 9;
  2. when I opened that lesson and the previous one and listened to the audio files in Mozilla, I got scared and frustrated: I heard a huge, annoying background noise. Then I opened the file in iTunes and there was almost no noise, so I uploaded it with Chrome and I can hear it fine. Is there a problem with Firefox?
    Looking forward to starting Finnish again,

This appears to be new. Is it happening with all the audio files you upload or just some?

Also, does it work in Chrome from the start or have you noticed any problems there too?

I have noticed it with the two latest lessons I have uploaded. They sound fine in Chrome but not in Firefox. I still haven’t noticed this problem in Chrome, but I have been using LingQ on Firefox lately. I have switched to Chrome now (but I am having a hard time with LingQing: when I click on an existing hint or a Google Translate suggestion, the word remains blue and the LingQ is not created).

I’ve noticed weeks ago that the player on the import page didn’t work. But the sound in the lesson is fine.

I see that the audio preview on the Import page isn’t working for some lessons. We’ll add this to our list.

@mikebond - I’ve tried uploading lessons in both Chrome and Firefox but don’t seem to be having any problems. Can you email me the audio file?
I don’t seem to be having this problem with Chrome. Have you tried refreshing the page or clearing the cache to see if that helps?