Audio transcribe imports not working

I’m trying to import MP3 files and they just never upload. I check back after 30 minutes, an hour, and it says it’s still processing. I haven’t been able to successfully import today. Is this just me or are others experiencing this as well?

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Yes same. Just tried to upload from a YouTube video which has subtitles activated, and no luck.

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Same here. :frowning: My audio is still pending, although I impoted it 1.5-2 hours ago. There was a message, that it will take time. But I suspect that they did not mean hours. Or am I wrong? I don’t usually upload audio files, so I’m not sure.

The same with me. Even an import of a very short mp3 takes a very long time to be transcribed.

Mine is uploaded now and all seems fine. :+1:

Hey LingQ this is still an issue for me. What’s going on? Why can’t we import MP3s anymore? This is the only reason I use the program and I use it daily.

I’m having the same issue. Audio transcribe from MP3 isn’t working for me today.

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Currently having this issue as well. First it was YouTube videos with auto generated subs not importing and now I can’t even import audio from an MP3 file, it just seems to be processing forever.
The annoying part is at most you’ll get a response on the forums from someone saying they’ll look into it and then you just never hear anything about it again.
It’s a shame because I’ve been using LingQ for nearly a year now and have found it very useful but it’s getting to the point where it’s not worth the money.

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We are investigating the issue. Thanks for your patience.

Thanks I look forward to an update - this issue persists.