Audio to text software? (For Italian)

I’m looking for good software that can convert audio into text, at least if this exists of course. Could anyone help me, please? :slight_smile:

I’m learning Italian but I can’t find good audio resources with a transcript. For example, I’ve just downloaded a story about football from the Il Narratore website. But this doesn’t really help me because there is no text / transcript for it.

Of course I’m using the lessons here at Lingq, which helps me a lot, but unfortunately I don’t have that much time to read new texts and create Lingqs in them. I’ve done some lessons, like Eating Out and Who’s She, but I’ve already listen too much to them, because I’ve lots of time to listen/read as I spend much time in train. I nearly know these story’s by head. :wink:

If anyone know good podcasts or even radio that offers transcripts, that would also be very nice! :slight_smile: Especially for sport or football, as I’m loving the Italian Calcio.

Thanks in advance!

Unfortunately, I’m not aware of any Italian podcasts with transcription, either…
Have you tried reading and listening to my Italian lessons, as well as the conversations with Sabina (our shared account is “sabinaemichele”)?
Let me know if I can help,


I’ve been a member hear since 5/2012 and haven’t gotten through all the Italian Content. In fact, Michele has just released a new lesson today.

Anyway, if after having looked at the hundreds of lessons here on LingQ, you then find nothing of interest, you can post the transcript on the Exchange and offer someone points for an Italian Native to record it.

In bocca al lupo!

I started looking through the Italian library a week ago, and I’ve got to say that the stuff in the Italian library is looking just as good as that which is found in the French one. The French stuff is phenomenal, and the Italian stuff is looking to be that way too. Way better than what I found on the Spanish side.

Going with what Pmilone said, the exchange is a great idea. I’d make a private request to Mikebond, or another tutor, since you never know who might do it… maybe even a non-native.

Thanks everyone for the replies! :slight_smile:

I’ve studied some of your lessons, mikebond, for example ‘Italian in Sofia’ and I really like them and they’ve helped me a lot. Actually, the problem isn’t that I don’t like the material here at Lingq, in fact it’s the opposite. It’s very good material, but the problem is that I don’t have much time to create Lingqs in each lesson. As I’m much in train, I have lots of time to listen. So that’s why I was asking for podcasts with transcript.

But what I also can do, is only download the Lingq-lessons to my MP3-player and then read the text/transcript on my smartphone using the Lingq-app. And later, when I have time, I can create Lingqs. I think I’m going to do that, it’s at least worth trying.

I will also buy a copy of Assimil. I’ve finally found a webshop where I can buy the Dutch version for Italian. I already speak a bit Italian, but certainly not level B2 - like the Assimil course. So everything helps. I’ve also subscribed myself to the digital edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport. So every day I can read a bit of something that really interests me. In fact, the Italian football league is the real reason why I’m here - as I’m loving the Calcio. :slight_smile:

So my study plan for the next months will be:
Every day

  • 30 minutes study Assimil
  • 15 minutes read La Gazzetta dello Sport
  • 1 hour listen to the Lingq-lessons
    In addition, sometimes I will watch Italian television. For example RAI Uno when the Squadra Azzurra is playing, and 7Gold for the famous Tiziano Crudeli when AC Milan is playing in the Champions League.

So, would this study plan effective? Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Mr Dracula, regarding Assimil, although it advertises itself as being A1-B2, this claim is absurd. Assimil is a great product, but it is nowhere close to B2. If you go through the book a few times, probably you will be at a good A1 level.

Colin, the outcome of an Assimil course varies from language to language. After studying Spanish just with the Assimil with Ease book, I took a summer course in Spain and I was at the Superior 1 level (the top being Superior 2). My teachers couldn’t believe I had never had a real class with a teacher before. I would say my level was already around B1.
Of course, with languages that are farther from Italian than Spanish is, the results were not so good in such a short time, and I am/was at an A1-A2 level after doing the With Ease (sans peine) course.
Assimil recently explained that the claimed B2 level is based on the number of words included in the courses. I haven’t checked if this matches with what the CEFR states, though. Anyway, yes, B2 is the maximum achievable level, not the one you can achieve “with Ease” for any language.

I guess if you memorise every single word in the book and learn all of the notes you will be above an A1, but I based my last comment on the assumption that people are probably going to learn at most 25% of the vocabulary after going through a few times.