Audio-text synchronized books -

Audio-text synchronized books is a freeware software used to improve foreign language skills. This software develops better comprehension, increases vocabulary and helps in understanding difficult non-adopted texts. They make reading in a foreign language easier. Currently available are books in English, French and Russian.

A specially developed audio book player is used to read and listen to the books. It shows the contents of the book and highlights currently playing text simultaneously to the narration. It also shows translations of the separate sentences to the other languages. The application has a user-friendly interface with mouse or touch screen of a Tablet PC or Ultra mobile PC.

Downloadable installation files contain programs required for the audio narration, original text of the book as well as its translations to other languages, and one low quality level WAV file from the beginning of the audio book. To listen to the full version of the book please obtain this audio book on CDs and extract their tracks into the WAV files. For the books that are synchronized with the audio created by Librivox, free downloadable audio books are available at These downloadable audio files must be converted to WAV files.