Audio stops when creating a new lesson by entering text (copy/paste)

I have copied text from a Word document into the ‘enter text’ box, to create a new lesson.
Then I go to that new lesson and create the Audio, using that ‘button’ on the bottom left of the lesson. It takes a few seconds, before that’s finished and the ‘Play’ button appears.
However, when I press the ‘Play’ button, the audio stops after a few words, or after a few sentences (I have tried several times, by deleting the lesson, and recreate it again by copy/paste of my text).
What’s going on?
I’m working on the PC and the language was Spanish, in case that matters.

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I have the same issue.

Also with importing things. I just imported 53 secons long video. It is now 10 minutes and I’m still waiting.

We are investigating the issue. Thanks for reporting.