Audio stopping after a few seconds

I don’t know what happened because earlier this morning I listened to a lesson with no problem. But then suddenly all the lessons I listened to had the audio stop after a few seconds. It will play and suddenly stop. I restarted the app and it didn’t seem to help. This is on the app btw— I didn’t try the web version.

Sorry to hear that. Are you using android or iOS app?

Thank you for responding! it resolved on its own, don’t know what happened ! I am using iOS though :slight_smile:

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Great, glad to hear! :slight_smile:

Unfortunat there is another weird problem. Lingq app began showing me popups like I was a new user , eg “Congratulations on your first Lingq!” Then this weird thing happened to the scree— glowing blue - it’s not on my phone except for the app

Thanks, we will look into it.