Audio problem

I cannot play the audio for any lesson on the Ubuntu machine I use at work. My operating system is version 10.04 and I am using Firefox 20.0.

(This issue is not related to spatterson’s excellent Greesemonkey script.)

@ColinJohnstone - OK, a few things to check:

  1. Can you play the audio in other browsers on the same machine?
  2. Can you play text-to-speech on the Flashcards?
  3. Are there any errors that show in the error console? (Using The Browser Error Console - Garden Gnome)

This should hopefully give us a better idea of what might be causing this.

Em algumas lições (Canada, an introduction, por exemplo) não funciona o som. Só consigo ouvir as palavras isoladas, quando as assinalo, como se não as conhecesse. Será o meu computador?

@rosavieira - Would you be able to include a link to this lesson?

I have no sound as well, but The link to the file works:

Ok, I’ll get on it tomorrow.

The sound worked before on that computer. I read on LingQ with that machine all the time, but I rarely listen to the audio, so I can’t say when it stopped working. It could easily have been before the big update.

I have only got one other browser on that computer and it is Konquer. I never use it, and it appears basically nothing on LingQ works with it. Trying to play the audio makes it crash.

There are more lessons whose audio doesn’t play. I’ve just come across this one:

@mfr - I checked and these seem to be working properly for me in Chrome and Firefox. Which browser version are you using?

I’ve just checked and they work in Chrome, but not in Firefox. I have Firefox version 26.0.

I just want to point out another problem I have found. I have found that when I open the flashcards, in a lesson or in the vocabulary section, I am unable to use the keyboard shortcuts until I have clicked on the flashcard box.

Ok Alex, it’s business time. I had a look at the error console for the first time. When I click on the ‘play’ button, or the rewind ten second button to the right of it, I get the error

“uncaught exception: Error in Actionscript. Use a try/catch block to find error.”

…aaaaaaand yes, I can play the Google TTS stuff in the flashcards and everywhere else where that option exists.

@mfr, ColinJohnstone - Would you try updating your Flash? Just go to, download the newest version (if available) then install it. Let us know if this helps!

Hi Alex, I didn’t do anything, but this morning the 2 lessons that didn’t play yesterday were ok, I thought you had fixed the problem! :slight_smile:
I have the latest flash version installed.

@mfr - Hmm, very interesting. Well, if you notice the issue again let us know!

Alex, I think you are asking me this:

@rosavieira - Thanks! I managed to find the lesson, though I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue. Please check your email for instructions on how to update Firefox and Flash to see if that hopefully helps resolve the issue. Also, let us know which operating system you are using, as this may help us to better track the issue down.

Thank you, Alex.

My email is:

i’m using the

Rosa Vieira