Audio problem

After the updates were installed and I try to listen to the audio of a lesson , it doesn’t work. The audio works only if I click play on a lesson in My Lessons and in the Library section .

Same here. No audio on either Chromium nor Firefox.

@MADARA, demian - Sorry for the trouble! We are aware of the issue with audio and our development team is currently looking into it. We hope to have audio working properly again in all browsers very soon!

OK then . And by the way, where are the beta languages ?

@MADARA - The beta languages have been hidden; we will have a separate announcement in the near future about our beta languages. In the meantime they can still be accessed by typing the appropriate URL into the address bar.

Lesson audio is working in chrome however the LingQ audio is not.

I’m finished trying to troubleshoot the audio problems on my end. This has got to be a LingQ problem. Firefox error console points to problems with soundmanager2.

@all - Lesson audio should now be working in all browsers, though there may still be some lingering issues in Firefox for Mac. If you’re still having issues with lesson audio please let us know!

Lesson audio is working in chrome. LingQ audio is still not.

In my Firefox I need to download audio files to listen. It does not work in my FF 25.0.1 at all.

So am i in Firefox

Yeah audio is not working for me in Chrome either…

When I open a lesson and press the play button in the left top corner, nothing happens.

@Ress, Kamenuga - Is the audio working in other browsers for either of you or is it just Firefox? Also, please make sure that your Flash player is up to date by going here:

@bigchief - Which version of Chrome are you using? Would you try clearing your cache to see if this helps?

Has anyone looked at it being a codec issue? FF 26 is throwing me an error saying that the content type is unknown:

HTTP “Content-Type” of “audio/mpeg” is not supported. Load of media resource failed.

Perhaps put an .mp3 file in the request header that has been encoded differently and see if that works?

I am also seeing that FF “Click to Play” feature is getting in the way:

“SoundManager 2 failed to load (Flash security/load error)”

Appears to just be Firefox. It works on Chrome for me.

When I click “spearker button” it doen’t work!.

It works today, maybe it happened because my FF was upgraded to 26.0.

All audio issues should now be resolved including both the audio player on all browsers and text to speech in the dashboard and on flashcards and other tests.

Apart from the dictation cards, I don’t have any “speaker” button, neither when I open a lingq nor on the flashcards (on the flashcards, however, I can hear the audio typing the tab key, but I still have no possibility to listen to words when I open one of the Lingqs).

Edit: the sound of the cloze tests and multiple choice works, too. But I don’t have icons to click on on the flashcards and the Lingqs.

Audio still does not work on Firefox. Currently using Firefox 26. The audio works for me on the latest version of Chrome.