Audio preview

Has the player with the preview of the audio changed? When I start the preview I’m asked if I want to save or open the file. Strange …

I think it always downloaded the whole file into the temporary internet file folder anyway. It just didn’t ask if you wanted to save the file. Now you have to click open to listen immediately. I also liked the way it was before (quicker). Now there is no arrow symbol and there are ?:?? for the length. This seems to be a bug (?)

There are some issues with the lesson preview. Nothing should have changed there. It should be working the same old way. We will get this fixed.

There is another problem. If I work on a lesson and press “Pause” it starts from the beginning if I start it again with IE7.
It works with FF for the same lesson.

Ok. Thanks for letting us know. We’ll look into that Vera.

Sorry, After I wrote this I had this problem with FF too :frowning: