Audio player buttons

After the upgrade, the play button and rewind button are separated from each other, with the progress bar sits in between. This makes it rather difficult for me to play/pause/rewind. I have to deliberately move my mouse pointer back and forth. I can no longer control the audio playback as easily as when the two buttons were placed next to each other, which made them much easier to control even without peaking at the UI.

If possible, I’d like to have the old layout restored. Thanks!

I think the rewind function is a useful way to practice pronunciation, and to get the sense of the rhythm of the language. Let’s see what can be done. Cheers.

I agree.

One of my typical use case is:

  • Play and listen along.
  • When I find something interesting, I’ll hit the rewind button to hear a sentence being repeated.
  • After the sentence is repeated, I’ll hit the pause button so that I can practice my pronunciation while the audio is paused.
  • I might click the rewind button again and repeat the above workflow a few times to train myself.

Now that the two buttons are separated, I have to look up from the text to the control area, and to move my mouse across the progress bar just to find the right button. This makes the workflow a bit troublesome. :slight_smile:

@derekhyang - Thanks for the feedback on this. Everyone uses the site a bit differently, so it’s not always possible to match everyone’s workflow. However, we’ll take a closer look at finer elements like this once the more major issues have been dealt with to see where we can further refine the interface.