Audio playback doesn't work on Chrome

There seems to be an issue regarding audio playback using the Chrome browser after the update. When I open a lesson, the audio playback UI appears wrong (See screenshot: Part 3 - GermanLingQ - Who is She? - LingQ). Clicking on the play button doesn’t play the audio.

This issue doesn’t occur on Safari.

Also, I’m missing the old layout in which the play button is next to the rewind button. This makes it much easier for me to play/rewind without having to make an effort to move my mouse across the progress bar.

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This is an issue with Firefox also. I have also tried a version of IE. Unfortunately it is too old for LingQ to run efficiently on it.

My audio player is not working on Chrome–but is working on Firefox. However,…

When i hover over a word, the audio is not working on either Firefox or Chrome.

Since the update I am not getting any audio from either the lesson’s audio or audio from Google Translate. I am using the Chrome browser.

@all - Sorry for the issues here! We are aware of the audio issues and have our team looking into it now. Things should hopefully be back to normal very soon!

I still can’t use the audio associated with dictionary on the lesson pages or hovering over any words. The audio associated with the lesson itself seems to be working fine now. I am using Chrome.