Audio-only option no longer available?

When importing youtube videos for Korean I used to be able to watch the video and also play only the audio, which helped a lot as I could see how specific words were pronounced by following along on the imported text. Has this feature been removed?

Yes, as it infringed some of YouTube’s policies it had to be removed. This one was out of LingQ’s control, unfortunately.

You can still import YouTube audio only, but you need to work around it a little now. If you Google ‘YouTube to MP3’ you’ll find loads of sites which can convert a video to audio MP3 only. You can upload that and then the transcript separately.
If you need the text to be time stamped, I use the Whisper function in LingQ. It generates text from the audio file, and in my opinion it’s far better than the YouTube automatic transcriptions.
I’m not sure how good it is in Korean (I use it for Turkish), but perhaps worth a shot.

Good luck!

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