Audio not working on LingQ

My audio is not working on LingQ anymore. I tried several texts, and yes, it works for other websites like youtube, so it’s not my computer.

Can you link me to a lesson that is giving you problems? Also, can you let me know which browser and OS you are using?

I looked at Дом с мезанином and Kurze Sachtexten zu vershiedenen themen

This morning I noticed that all the lessons that I’ve been working on recently in German AND Russian are from Euvgeny40, I switched to Portuguese and opened a lesson and it ran just fine. Not all of Euvgeny’s lesons had problems, because I’ve heard some of his German lessons before, but the recent few that I’ve tried didn’t work. I’m on a Mac and am using safari, but I tried these lessons with googlechrome and firefox as well.

I’m not able to access the lessons through these URLs. Instead, can you click the Email button at the bottom of the Dashboard and post that link?

My mac mail isn’t set up, but I shared them to my profile.

Hmm, I didn’t seem to have any problems with these. Are you accessing the site from behind a firewall? Sometimes issues like this are caused by a firewall being active. Also, please make sure that you have the most recent version of Flash installed:

Is anyone else having problems playing lesson audio files on their computer?

The strange thing is that I can access audio on other lessons, I only have issues with many of Euvgeny40’s lessons, which is a bit of a shame because I enjoy reading his Russian and German content. Thanks for looking into it though.

I have this problem ,I had written about it. But this problem doesn’t exist for Android4.

@Alenika - I remember you reported about a week and a half ago that it was now working for you. Are you still experiencing this issue? If so, does it happen on all browsers or just one?

Hi,Alex.I have tested two home computers -wista-exploer,firework and opera and windows 7 - explore,fireworks and opera - the problem exists with my four (4)VOA lessons. Now I use my tablet- Android 4 Chrome without any problem.

If it’s happening in all browsers then it sounds like it’s an issue specific to your computer, especially since it works properly on your Android device. If anyone is having trouble listening to the audio in lessons in the Library be sure to let us know!