Audio no longer functional for LINGQ Dictation exercises


Today I was reviewing my daily LINGQ exercises, and the audio didn’t function for the dictation exercises. I checked the audio volume and so forth to no avail. I can listen to the podcasts and lessons, so it looks like this audio function is the only one affected.



Yes, I just noticed this as well. Also I can no longer import texts and create any lessons.

Hi Eric and job86,
I’ve just checked and the audio works fine for me in the Dictation test. I am also able to import lessons normally. Which browser are you using?

Mozilla Firefox. Worked yesterday.

Same here. Sound in both vocabulary and library sections doesn`t work. Yet yesterday everything was fine. Firefox also.

Thanks for letting us know! I checked and you are right, it doesn’t work in Firefox, we’ll fix it.

Now it`s working fine, as before. Thank you!

It`s not working again. What are you doing there?

Sound doesn’t work it I.E.

There is not audio in my vocabulary too. How long will it not work? I’ve tried different browser, but nothing has changed

It wasn’t fixed actually, I am not sure why it worked temporary, very strange!
We are working on this issue and it should be fixed during day. Thanks for your patience!