Audio issues while editing lessons

Is anybody else experiencing this? While I’m editing a lesson from a browser (Firefox), after about 10-12 paragraph/sentences, the audio for the sentence will hang. If I refresh the page, things will start working again for another 12 paragraph/sentences or so.

I’ve also seen the audio controls for the sentences not even display, and I’ll have to refresh the page to get them back. Seems like this started manifesting a couple days ago for me.

I can get it to fail just by opening up enough paragraphs or sentences in the “Edit Lesson” mode. I don’t need to actually play the audio for any of the sentences. If I click on about 12 of the sentences in the lesson, then try to play the 12th one, it will immediately hang.

I’ve tried rebooting my computer, deleting my browser cache, restarting Firefox, and logging out/in to LingQ and i’m still hitting the problem.

Strange we will investigate that issue.

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