Audio in LinQ review

The audio in the Flash Cards and Multiple Choice in the last week has started to not work randomly. It will work for a period of time then quit. Not sure if this is only occurring on my computer. (my computer is several years old and is starting to show signs of reaching the end of its life)

Hmm, it’s possible that it’s something on your end, though it’s not likely hardware if other audio is playing properly. What I might recommend is checking to see if your Flash player is up to date. You can do this by going here:

Also, if a Flash update doesn’t fix it would you try another browser when it stops working to see if it works in the other browser? This would help narrow down whether it’s a browser or a software issue.

Had an issue still last night in Russian with the audio in Firefox, but was able to switch to Chrome and it worked fine in the other browser just fine.

Thanks for the update with this! It sounds like it may be something in Firefox that is malfunctioning. If you want to keep using Firefox then one suggestion would be to clear your cache and cookies and see if that helps at all (assuming Flash is up to date). Otherwise it’s good to hear that Chrome is working :slight_smile: