I have a free account at and want to import audio from an URL and add to an item, imported from

Is that possible, or must I upgrade to Basic?

I did import audio from the URL and attached it to my imported item from

Then, I got it displayed on the Workdesk (“Download Audio”, “Delete”).

And I clicked on my imported item and got the whole text displayed together with the audio-indicator at the bottom of the page. But when I clicked on Play on the audio-indicator nothing happened.

However, when I chose an item that had been sent to me from LingQ (together with an audio), the audio worked fine. And the symbol for play was different from the symbol for play on my imported item.

It was an arrow pointing to the right (the usual symbol for Play). The other symbol looked like the one for recording.

Hope anyone has any suggestion what to do.


Once or twice I have imported an mp3 file (from my computer) without any problems. Maybe it has changed now.

Hi Hermes,

the symbol for play was different from the symbol
for play on my imported item.

That means the audio URL is broken or the server sends bad response headers. Could you please post the URL here so I could try to figure out what’s wrong with that?


Hi Mike

Here’s the URL:


Unfortunately this will not work since they ( use Adobe Flash Player’s audio streams to play the sound while LingQ supports only static mp3 audio files.

You can try to capture their audio output with some third party flash audio capturing software, save it into mp3 format and then import it as a file.

Sorry for the inconvenience, we can’t do miracles :slight_smile:


Hi Mike

It’s really amazing! So with the right software I can add audio from TTS-applications for any text.

Thanks very much for this information.

Just wonder about two other things about the folder/window for “Vocabulary”:

After each LingQ:d term there are three symbols: in superscript “(1)” and “*”; and then “[+]”.
What are the meaning of these symbols?

How do I use the “Tags”? And how do I search for a specific Tag?


I would like recommend to see the Demo in Vocabulary.
I think the most is declared.

The + is for the 25 most important words to see in the flashcards in Overview.


Audacity captures audio from any source being played at your sound card.

That’s true only if you have a good sound cards. This feature doesn’t work on the majority of laptops, including mine :slight_smile:

I remeber in the Demo isn’t declare the “*” - it shows you the importance from the word. How more stars the word has, how more important it is to learn it.
The little (1) can be 1-4 - it shows the status of your knoweledge. 4 is a known word. The changing is during working with Flashcards.