Audio freezing in dictation & flashcards

I’m using Safari as a browser, if that may make a difference.

Often when I’m doing dictation in Chinese, and click on the play button the app seems to freeze and my only solution it to exit dictation and start again. It doesn’t always freeze on the same word. Using the flashcards, I have also noticed sometimes a delay in playing back the sound, but in that I can get out of it my flipping the card and moving on to another lingq. Again, this doesn’t seem to be any particular word … the same word will appear again at a different time without any delay.

@jfeka - Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I tried this with a couple of different accounts in Safari and everything seemed to work fine. The text-to-speech is provided by Google so any delay in playback will likely be due to delayed response times from their servers. I wasn’t able to get the dictation session to freeze at all even when moving rapidly through words.