Audio file problem

I cannot listen to every audio file on LingQ. What’s happening?

I have the same problem. seems like a bug of some sort

I think it’s a matter of refreshing or clearing the cache. Control F5 a couple of times should do the trick.

Hi guys,

This is a slight issue that we hope to have resolved soon. One of our programmers is working on it as we speak. Please give it some time and hopefully all should be well soon!

Happening to me as well. Thanks for looking into it!

No audio here, too, even after clearing the cache.

The media URLs changed to…, so this problem seems to come from switching to the new location?

no audio here either…

Still no audio, but if one uses the audio link within the HTML source (… ) the audio downloads. Seems to be a problem with the flash player or am I blocking it using FlashBlock?

We apologize for the delay. The issue seems to be a bit tougher to solve, but we are actively working on it and will have it fixed ASAP.

@hape - Thanks for the additional information. I’ve passed it on to the programmers in case it is any help to them.

By the way, the lesson page has become a mess, the resources tab is invariably expanded.

What exactly do you mean, adalbertolito? Just so you know, we’re also working on a way to make the resources tab more user friendly as it’s currently a bit difficult to navigate and especially hard to see if there are resources or not.

See here

Right now, when you want to create a new lesson, the New Lesson page looks like that

Yes, I also saw the same thing.

Oh, it’s the Import page that you are referring to. We will add this to our list of things to address.

If possible, let’s leave this thread for discussions related to the audio files and audio player. If any other unrelated issues arise just make a new thread so we can keep things more organized.

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your patience! We have now corrected this issue so all the audio should be working properly at this time. Please let us know if you continue to experience any errors!

I still cannot make changes when I am learning the Flashcards. I mean that when I am learning the words with the Flascards and then I want to change something and I press the button “ändern” then the window freezes. The same problem I had yesterday.

Unfortunately that’s the same for me. English flashcards.

Thanks for the bug report. We’ll get this fixed as soon as we can.

The error related to flashcards should now be fixed. Thank you for your patience.