Audio duration incorrect on imported YouTube video

I imported a lesson from YouTube using the chrome extension but interestingly the lesson details show the length of the lesson 2x as long as it really is. The video is 5:01 long while the lesson details show it is 10:02. Is there a way to fix this?

That’s a funny bug i always encounter and love it :slight_smile:
The numbers will match at the end. On the Left side it will start increasing till 5:01; on the right it will down to 5 again.

Hope they will fix it soon.

I’ve also noticed this many times.

I posted a similar post, asking for help in this matter, but so far no one has responded. I attempted to correct the text that was imported with my video (32 minutes long) and when I wanted to save and open it, it returned as an error - because my video vas indicated as being twice as long. It did not save my corrections either. Took me 4 hours to correct the German story. On top of everything, after importing the first video, the button for the sound (on the right side) that can be used to hear pronunciation of one word stopped working completely - for all my languages and in both old and new view. Is there anyone who could help me fix this?

Instead of waiting for converting and uploading the youtube video by lingq, download youtube video as mp3 file.
And you can add mp3 in “edit page” of your lesson

If you have already had the video, you can convert here Convert audio and video to MP3

I am a little confused with your problem, please let me know if i got it wrong.
PS: when i tried to upload a video file mistakenly instead of mp3, i got the same warning message as u got.