Audio Download Problem

I can’t download the audio of this collection:
“GermanLingQ Beginner (Eating out)”.

The “Audio Download” icon does not work!!!
I use: Windows XP - Firefox 3.5.5

Works for me Mac in Firefox. Anyone else having problems?

Have you tried any other lessons? Is this a problem for you for all lessons?

@ mark:
No, only this collection does not work (1-9).
Apart from the last lessom (10). :slight_smile:

typo: lesson

December 06, 2009: It works now. Thank you very much!

There seems to be a problem with many of the GermanLingQ beginner lessons. Many of the files have an extension .MP3 instead of .mp3 and this seems to cause the download function to not work properly. We are in the process or changing these extensions so that the downloading will work properly. Thanks for your patience. In the meantime, you can download any lessons by right clicking on the download link and choosing to save file as…