Audio book and other language content publishers

If you know of good audio book or language book publishers please let us know so we can contact them about selling their products across LingQ.

This not only can enrich our library, but as in the case of Il Narratore, can lead to positive PR for LingQ.

We have a list already but we would like to add to it. We hope to add a number of these over the next few months.

May I ask if the list is already viewable somewhere?

At this point we would rather just hear suggestions from people and then follow up ourselves. We may in the future ask people to contact these people directly if we find that we are having difficulty. sell lots of language learning material, including some audiobooks. I don’t know whether they’d be suitable for your purposes.

We spoke to them and they showed some interest and then turned us down.

They are the only people I’ve ever bought an audiobook from, so am right out of ideas… (apart from Vera F Birkenbihl and her language learning material - she is still quite unwell, I hear.)