Audio and words not synchronised well

Yesterday I tried some lessons/courses in the LingQ library. I find that the audio and words were not synchronised well.
If I didn’t finish the lesson and went to do something else then come back. If I listen to the audio, I cannot find the words. Or if I read the words I cannot find the audio.
If I switch to sentence mode, the audio is not the original sound, but is replaced by unpleasant AI sound.
Can it be improved? Thanks.

Can you send a link to that specific lesson you have a problem with?

Eg Rich Dad, Poor Dad
I saw some other apps in app store. When playing audio, the respective words can be highlighted at the same time. I think they are processed by the app staff, instead of uploaded directly by volunteers.

Thanks, we will look into it.

Hi charleszhuang, please try again, they should be working now.

Thanks, I just tried some other courses. They are not working correctly.

we will see what we can do about them. thanks