ATTENTION - a possible VIRUS!

The protective system on my computer warns me that some virus has appeared in the
Perhaps the programme team of should immidiately check the site for the possible virus.
It can appear because last time I see in the forum some links to the advertising sites, often to the Russian blocks of commercials - and by that they are given not byu Russian users but by very strange users from Africa or Asia who obviously don’t know Russian.
However, they give these commercial sites with possible virus - I can’t undestand for what? Only to make some harm to our system?

@evgueny40 - Would you be able to take a screenshot of this warning and email it to support (at) I’m certain this isn’t something related to our site but it would be helpful to see a screenshot to better understand what may be causing this.

Alex, I can’t make a screenshot, but fortunately, the last two days I don’t see this warning (it was with the Russian new browser “Yandex”).
Maybe it’s OK now.
But I hope has a certain protection against the possible virus.

Mr evgueny40 what’s your antivirus program?
Keep in mind in some cases the warnings are false.

@evgueny40 - Absolutely, we make sure to take the necessary precautions.